Ophthalmology Services

Complete Eye examination / Refraction

Gonioscopy / Tonometry

Gonioscopy is done to visualise the angle of eye to diagnose the type of glaucoma

Tonometry done to check the pressure of eye (IOP) which is very important in glaucoma patients.

Management of various eye diseases

Donot ignore a red eye thinking it to be a common eye flu orconjunctivitis, it can be an indicator of some serious eye disease.

Cataract diagnosis and treatment

Cataract is opacification of the lens of eye which affects mainly elderly people and causes problem in vision. Timely diagnosis and intervention can help to restore your vision and quality of life.

Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment

Glaucoma is a "silent killer" of vision. Get your eyes regularly screened by an ophthalmologist after 40 years of age, beacause you can be symptomless yet having the disease. Be very careful if you have a family history of glaucoma.

Screening for diabetic retinopathy

Emerging as a major cause of vision loss due to increase in number of diabetic patients. Keep a regular check on your blood sugar and never miss your eye check up.